Action Glass Recycle Program

6.5 tonnes of waste window glass recycled each week

Action Glass generates approximately 6.5 tonnes of waste window glass per week, all of which was previously dumped at Metro Vancouver landfills. In 2014 we entered in to an agreement to start a recycling program with Enviro-Corp.

Enviro-Corp Recycling [a Division of United Concrete & Gravel Ltd.], which recycles large volumes of glass containers, is taking in waste windows of all types, trucking it to its crushing plant in Quesnel and turning the glass into Enviro-Grit, which is widely used as an inert sandblasting material in the pipeline industry.

Being the first to initiate glass recycling in our industry, Action Glass’ environmental wish is that this will have a ripple affect in our industry throughout the lower mainland and perhaps further.

Action Glass Vancouver Glass Recycle Program

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